Connecting with the land


Marks making, connecting with the land 2022

quiet performance and visual diary


I do two things intensively in life: one is working on metal plates and the other one is bush walking around the area where I live since 2013. Both practices make me explore different areas I don’t know well yet, my self and the land I live on. Based on the fact that my whole practise has been focused on marks making on metal plates I have decided that I wanted to connect my creative approach to the earth, the surrounding Australian landscape . The technical side of this project is that I physically fix etching metal plates under my boots before I start walking and I let the land, my foot steps, my body connect to the land. I walk every day if I can and by doing that I want to generate a visual diary that talks about my routines, my ways to express myself as a contemporary visual artist in Australia. The outcome doesn’t aim to become just a pretty image. The aim is to be true to the action/myself and the land that I want to explore more and more. The outcome aims to become a reliable visual diary (photos, videos, samples) with a story telling approach that will be based on the anthropologic side of a human being connected to the place where he lives on.


The show has been put together by FORM at the Good shed in Claremont, Perth (September 2022)